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Technical consultancy

SCIES is a domestic trailblazer to engage in EIA. SCIES has qualification Certificate of EIA for Construction Project of Class A issued by MEP,being able to provide EIA for construction projects in addition to Strategic Planning Assessment and Regional Planning Assessment. To date, SCIES has finished more than 7000 EIA reports for construction projects with total investments of more than RMB¥100 billion, covering industries of light industry, textile, polyester fibre, chemical engineering, petrochemical, pharmaceutics, metallurgy, electronics & machinery, building materials, thermal power, water resources & hydropower, 

transportation, power transmission, communications, regional development, ocean & coast engineering and social services, etc..

Other service categories include listed corporate environment protection verification, environmental protection check & acceptance inspection for completion of construction project, special planning, environmental monitoring, argumentation of water resource utilization, compiling of water and soil conservation plan, risk assessment of imported waste and cleaner production audit.

South China Institute of Environmental Science (SCIES), Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP)

Add:No.7 West Street, Yuancun, Guangzhou, P. R. China


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